17 April 2019

Today does not seem to be a bad day if we restrain a bit the extra impulsiveness that characterizes it, especially in our conversations, thoughts and moves.

The waxing Moon is in the last degrees of Virgo. The early morning hours it trined Pluto and later squared Jupiter. At 07:29 it opposed Venus. The day is more productive in the afternoon since the Moon will be void-of-course until 14:22 when it will enter the sign of Libra. Half an hour later it will oppose Mercury who has just started its course in Aries. Our hastiness “hits red”.

Sun rises at 06:46, Athens, Greece

At 09:01 the most important planetary event of the day takes place. Mercury enters Aries after a long stay in Pisces, a position that mostly helped artistic expression. The atmosphere is changing. Communications become more impulsive, information flows, movement is fast and there is more activity. We rush to make decisions. Mercury will be in Aries until 6 May and from this position favors more the fire signs Aries, Leo, Sagittarius since it helps them push their plans forward. Generally this is a time period that we all need to be careful in how we communicate and “watch our tongue”.

Read here the article on Mercury in Aries (in Greek)

I suggest that today you take it easy during the hours that the moon is void-of-course and control the impulsiveness that you will be feeling from 09:00 to do things. New beginnings are not favored when the moon is void-of-course but you can tidy your office, throw out useless stuff, or plan and make a schedule. From the afternoon onwards you can start doing all the things you want. With the Moon in Libra making us seeking harmony and balance and turning our attention to relationships, partnerships but also pleasure, tonight is a very good evening for entertainment, gatherings/outings with friends. It is also good for business meetings if this is something that interests you.

The earth signs Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn born during the last five days of their signs will have better mood this morning while the mood of air signs Gemini, Libra, Aquarius born during the first 5-6 days of their signs will improve in the afternoon. Those born between 1969 and 1977, regardless of sign, will have a psychological “dip” sometime during the day, for a couple of hours, with or without reason.

Those born on 17-18 March, 14 April, 19 July, 17 August, 18 November, 16 December (regardless of year) could have a gain or an opportunity of sorts today. Those born 22-23 January, 23-24 April, 24-25 July, and 25-26 October need to be more careful in anything and everything they do because they are dealing with the Uranus transit at the moment.

Note: This is a general analysis of the planetary trends of the day. As such some people may experience what is described while others may not (even if your birthdate is mentioned). This purely depends on what’s going on in your own personal chart. Full and comprehensive analysis of the personal natal chart is absolutely necessary for specific in-depth analysis and precision.

Γράφει η αστρολόγος
Λευκή “Bianca” Καμένο

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