Astrological Guide for 20-22 April 2018

The astrological profile of the day and the guide for the weekend 20-22 April 2018.

Early on Friday morning, at 0612 sun makes its crossing to the earth sign of Taurus and this is the most important astrological event of this weekend. The sun will be in the sign of Taurus until 20 May and from its new position will give priority to issues that concern material issues, money and in general increases our possessive desires in all sectors.

This crossing is more favorable for fellow earth signs Virgo and Capricorn but it also shows the sector in the life of each sign that will be affected and where they will have to put greater weight during this passing either in order gain something or simply because this sector will require their presence more. The sun in Taurus will give a boost to the finances of Aries, it will make the Tauruses focus more on their own wants and less on the wants of others. It will somewhat calm the Geminis vis-à-vis a concern they had and will made them make assessments. It will bring powerful and good friends to the Cancer signs, will increase the ambition and boost the ego of Leos; it will teach new things to Virgos and help them with regard to trips, studies and legal issues. It will make the Libras more possessive but will also boost their finances from shared resources. For Scorpios the new position of the sun will bring new cooperations and productive negotiations, while it will bring good physical health and an improvement of their work circumstances to Sagittarius. For Capricorns it will warm up their intimate relations, more luck, and opportunities to those who are single. Happy family times and happy changes in the home for the Aquarius and greater mobility, flexible communication and possibly a good professional agreement to some Pisces.

The moon will enter the sign of Cancer at 1726 on Friday and will move in that sign until 2010 on Sunday when it will pass to the sign of Leo.

The water signs will be in a good mood during the next three days and difficult aspects take place only on Sunday when there is an opposition with Pluto at 0521 and a square with Uranus at 1758.

Mercury is starting to move at its normal speed, unblocking the things that it blocked when it was in retrograde. These days we should focus on devoting time to the family and it seems that family or closed and controlled spaces will be better in order to have a good time.

By astrologer
Lefki “Bianca” Kamenou

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