Posted on April 17 9:30pm 2017

“The reading Bianca gave me was absolutely and accurately insightful. With limited information she was able to produce a reading that was very descriptive of the situation. I would certainly recommend her for a reading and wish her well in her field in which she will offer a very valuable service.”


Posted on April 16 3:18am 2017

“Thank you for your reading, such a thoughtful reader of you. I am now going to take your advice: ground myself up and listen to the inner me 🙂 Thanks again!”


Posted on April 16 1:59am 2017

“Overall, this was a good reading and has gotten me to think, especially your advice of “soul searching, reflection, and goal and direction setting over the next three months that will help prepare you for the future.” I’ll be starting a new position in about four months, so work will definitely lighten.”


Posted on April 11 9:41pm 2017

“Thank you for the reading! 🙂 I feel this to be a pretty good depiction of what may come to be. Thank you. 🙂”


Posted on April 11 9:34pm 2017

“Fab reading very well explained and I could relate thank you Bianca for taking the the time to read for me xx”


Posted on April 4 9:12pm 2017

“Hi Bianca! thanks so much for the reading… it is amazing because I always draw those same cards”


Posted on April 4 9:08pm 2017

“Thank you for the reading. I agree with developing a more intense relationship with myself. As of being in a relationship I feel aso it is not my turn. I keep running into the weird situations and your reading has helped me.”


Posted on March 27 11:54am 2017



Posted on December 21 4:01am 2016

“I thought the reading is very good and very thorough. The reading itself made sense.”

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