Notre Dame Fire

The incredible and sudden news of the huge destructive fire at the historic Notre Dame Church on 15/4/2019 prompted total disbelief and shock. There was also a touch of luck as total destruction was avoided when everything appeared to be fatally in vain. Yesterday included a trine of the Moon with Uranus, which was not assessed as positive since both planets were at difficult positions. Still active were the positive influences of the Sun Jupiter trine, the Venus Pluto sextile. The Venus Jupiter square was almost exact. The square is not assessed as negative because of the nature of the planets as well as their positions.

How was yesterday’s planetary scene influencing France’s natal chart and what was going on astrologically when the fire broke out?

Most astrologers use 5/10/1958 for France’s natal chart as it is the day the latest Constitution was signed. Time of signing unknown. Solar houses are used in the below analysis.

France’s Natal Chart 5/10/1958; Transits 15/4/2019 1850 local time, Paris, France

France is a Libra sign with Sun, ruler of the 11th house, at 11 degrees of Libra. The positioning is indicative of the country’s popularity in the world but also that it is a country that is being tested by unrest, struggles, demonstrations. Revolution is “in its blood.”

An exact square between Mars in the 9th and Pluto in the 12th is prevalent on the natal chart. Mars is ruler of the 7th house, hence of France’s allies but also its open enemies. Pluto, ruler of 2nd house, rules the country’s economy/resources. This natal aspect indicates that the country has both open as well as secret enemies that “connive against it.” It is prone to “coveted” attacks. With Jupiter in conjunction with Neptune in the 2nd, the country’s economy is positively influenced but could also go through period of economic fluidity.

Transiting Uranus at 2 degrees of Taurus is close to making an opposition with natal Neptune at 3 Scorpio. Neptune is directly related to art but also religion. Transiting Sun approaches transiting Uranus as in a few days it will ingress into the sign of Taurus. The aspect is already working.

The aspects of the transiting planets activate the natal Moon Neptune trine and the Moon Jupiter conjunction, indicating a sudden change in the country’s economy/resources. The association with a monument that was a great piece of art is unavoidable since Jupiter, in conjunction with Neptune, could easily represent Notre Dame or some other monument of this scale and type.

When the fire broke out the Moon had just trined transiting Uranus, activating the natal aspect. Immediately afterwards it conjuncted natal Pluto at 3 Virgo and activated the natal Mars Pluto square (aspect of violence/fire). Coincidentally (?) transiting Mars is in the 9th house and a few days ago conjucted natal Mars, activating the aspect and signalling the beginning of a new Mars cycle that will last approximately 2 years. It looks like the next two years will entail great tension and disputes for the country. A Mars transit through the 9th could mean clashes abd disputes over religion. Or even attacks. Mars in the home of Jupiter also means great fires.

At that exact moment transiting Moon in the 12th and Virgo sextiled natal Moon in the 10th (national symbols represent a country’s status) and natal Neptune in the 2nd, activating the natal trine. The whole dynamic of the trine came out at the point where the two sextiles met in the 12th (the exact same point of natal Pluto), bringing a violent end to Notre Dame as we have known it until now. The Church will certainly be rebuilt and resurrected – per Pluto’s qualities — since the aspect was in conjunction with Pluto. This sad event confirms the natal trend.

The trine of transiting Mars with natal Mercury in the 1st (which is conjunct natal Sun bringing luck) shows that the firemen worked very well together as a team and fought to combat a common enemy that concerned a religious monument (9th). At the same time, Mars’s transit from the 9th and the rest of the aspects of the chart, indicate that the possibility of a malicious attack (Mars) originating from abroad (9th) in order to harm the country (12th) cannot be ruled out. This is something that could easily be true.

Finally the many exact aspects (squares and oppositions) of Pluto, Neptune, Saturn, and the nodes with the natal nodes are indicative of the fatality of the event. The only positive influence was Jupiter’s trine with the nodes (and the natal conjunction with Neptune) which worked supportively and limited – to a level – the destruction that could have been total.

Three negative aspects in France’s progressed chart (Venus square Pluto, Mars square Neptune, Pluto conjunction Neptune) activate the same natal aspects described above and confirm that this is not an easy year for France, which will be tested in various ways.  

Note: Yesterday’s analysis of the daily trends said that those born between 1956 and 1962, regardless of sign, would go through a great psychological dip sometime during the day with or without cause. France’s date of birth is 1958! Read yesterday’s analysis here.

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