The Stars Today – 18 April 2019

No major aspects in play today. The moon continues to travel the sign of Libra approaching its opposition to the Sun tomorrow when the full moon of the month will take place.

Sun rises at 06:45, Athens, Greece

At 09:46 the Moon trines Mars in Gemini giving energy, courage, emotional strength, self-confidence and desire for action and to push forward. This aspect favors more the air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius born 30-31 January, 1 February, 1-2-3 June, 4-5-6 October.

At 23:48 the Moon will square Saturn. This is a hard aspect that could bring to the surface all the tiredness of the day. We may feel tired because of many obligations or because of all the things we did all day. It can also affect our mood making us feel melancholic, depressed. It can give feelings of low self-esteem or cold emotions. Hence, this is a good opportunity to end your day early!

Today I suggest you take advantage of the Moon in Libra and the dynamic energy of this morning’s trine between the Moon and Mars to push issues and goals you pursue. Outings and meetings with friends as well as business meetings are favored but do not stay out too late!

Remember that the days before a full moon we gradually become more restless, tense, nervous without any obvious reason. This peaks at the time of full moon and the opposition between the Sun and the Moon. This is the reason today some may feel upset and can get angry easily. Because the days are extra impulsive, do not rush and watch your moth because arguments can easily break out.

Those born on 18-19 March, 14 April, 19-20 July, 17 August, 19-20 November, 16 December (regardless of year) could have a gain or an opportunity of sorts today. Those born 22-23 January, 23-24 April, 24-25 July, and 25-26 October need to be more careful in anything and everything they do because they are dealing with the Uranus transit at the moment.

Note: This is a general analysis of the planetary trends of the day. As such some people may experience what is described while others may not (even if your birthdate is mentioned). This purely depends on what’s going on in your own personal chart. Full and comprehensive analysis of the personal natal chart is absolutely necessary for specific in-depth analysis and precision.

Γράφει η αστρολόγος
Λευκή “Bianca” Καμένο

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