12-14 April 2019

Sun rises at 06:53, Athens, Greece

Friday today! A mixed weekend lies ahead as a mixture of supportive and difficult planetary aspects is in place. Saturday is the most difficult day as the Sun meets Pluto in a hard square. Luckily the very helpful and positive triangle between the Sun and Jupiter follows on Sunday and helps balance things out. The moon’s aspects during the weekend are mostly positive with the exception of the opposition with Pluto at 23:01 tonight and the hard square with Uranus at 14:13 tomorrow.

Sun rises at 06:53, Athens, Greece

Today is an intense day astrologically with one main aspect (Mercury square Jupiter), one minor aspect (Venus sextile Saturn) and 5 aspects of the Moon before becoming void of course at 02:33 – for approximately 8 hours — and until it enters the sign of Leo. From this position, the Moon will gradually boost everyone’s mood, especially the fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Mercury in square with Jupiter impacts our mental thinking and judgement. We are more prone to missing details and making mistakes. This is a day we can hear lots of empty words, gossip, and possibly scandals. Information comes to the surface and spreads quickly. On a global level it could bring disputes and clashes, even fanaticism, on legal or religious matters. Those born 14-15 March, 15-16 June, 17 July, 17 September, 17 November, and 16 December are those influenced most.

The positive sextile between Venus and Saturn is supportive as it makes us more open to accepting discipline and we can restrain our wants. Be careful today to avoid the traps of the Mercury/Jupiter aspect. Watch out for the Moon’s opposition with Pluto as it has the strength to bring emotional pressure or intense emotions, especially to those born 13-14 April, 16-17 July, 14-15 January, 17-18 October.

We all need to be extra careful on Saturday because the Sun Pluto square is an aspect that brings tensions, games of power, manipulative behaviors, heightened suspicion, closure of issues, resistance to change and it generally brings difficulties. In its positive expression, this aspect heightens perception, gives strong will, energy and magnetism, courage and boldness to “close matters.” Seeking or receiving help from an important person is also possible.  This aspect impacts mostly those born 13-14 April, 16-17 July, 14-15 January, 17-18 October regardless of year. You need to pay attention as the day will show you in some way the area or issue you will need to focus on at this time.

The Sun’s triangle with Jupiter (who just started his retrograde and moves at a very slow speed) comes exact on Sunday and is a very positive aspect that gives heightened energy and vitality but also luck and opportunities for fun to some. It helps plans for growth and expansion, planning for long term goals. We can now see “the forest and not just the tree.” It is an aspect that boosts self-confidence and heightens “internal guidance.” Those born 14 April, 16 June, 17 August, and 16 December (regardless of year) are most affected.

We are looking at a weekend with “ups and downs.” Let us stay focused and pay attention in anything we do.

Nice weekend everyone!

Note: This is a general analysis of the planetary trends of the day. As such some people may experience what is described while others may not (even if your birth date is mentioned). This purely depends on what’s going on in your own personal chart. Full and comprehensive analysis of the personal natal chart is absolutely necessary for specific in-depth analysis and precision.

Γράφει η αστρολόγος
Λευκή “Bianca” Καμένο

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